Solitary n. pl. sol·i·tar·ies

1. A person who lives alone; a recluse.

2. Solitary confinement.


The photographic series Solitary is a collection of fragments of scenes I have viewed, and places I have been. A path vanishes into darkness, an abandoned chair sits alone, and an empty ferry drifts above the sea. All of these frequently appearing moments captivated and drove me to create this imaginary world: a place for people who walk alone in the cage of life.

This project grew out of my interest with the tension between the documentary nature of landscapes and the fiction of the story they tell. I took away the realism of my photographs to enhance the narrative by using the gum bichromate process. By portraying a nonexistent place, I’m aiming to examine my status of being a lone individual, and a prisoner of my mind.